BSA Med/Health Forms

Overview and Instructions


BSA requires that all scouts and adult volunteers participating in troop events have a med/health form on file with the troop. Troop events include all outings, including service projects, hikes, overnight trips, summer camps, and Eagle projects. For trips last fewer than 72 hours, only Forms A & B are required. For trips involving higher risk/adventure (such as snow camping) or last 72 hours or longer, we require completion and submission of Form C, which is filled out by your physician.


Health/med forms should be updated annually. Form C expires at the end of the month, 12 months after the date of the physician’s signature. So, for example, if your Form C is signed on April 13, 2012 it expires on April 30, 2013. When you make your annual doctor’s appointment or have a physical to participate in a sport, be sure to bring a copy of Form C with you. Most doctors do not charge extra for filling out the form during the appointment. Also, you can save time, and help the physician, by filling out the majority of the information on your computer and printing out prior to the appointment.



We recommend that you download the most current forms from the link on our troop website. Fill out the forms on your computer and save in a safe place. Hopefully you can re-open these files after one year and only make some minor changes before re-submitting. If you have questions about how to fill out the form, please take a look at the Sample Form we have created for your reference.

Important Note: Be sure to use Adobe Acrobat to fill out the forms, not Preview for Mac. Some versions of Preview have a bug. If you have already filled out your forms in Preview and the form looks blank, there is a fix online here that may be quicker than re-doing all your form.  


bulletA FEW TIPS

Any medications (OTC or prescription) that you plan to send with your scout to camp MUST be listed in the medications section of the form.

Signatures: your scout must sign as a participant and both parents/guardians must sign as well.

Immunizations: You need only fill out the year of the latest vaccine received (not all dates!). If you are not sure how to read your immunization record, you may reference this cheat sheet of immunization abbreviations. Please do not submit a doctor’s printout of immunizations.



After you have filled out the form, please print and sign three copies. NOTE: the form requires a photocopy of the front & back of your health insurance card; please provide 3 copies of this as well. The form copies will be used as follows:

1 copy should be kept at your home and should be taken on hikes and other short outings. We suggest you place it in a protective plastic sleeve and store it with other scout gear (10 essentials, etc.).

2 copies will be on file with the troop. These are used for binders that are sent to summer camp and for reference in case of an emergency.

Please contact the Med/Health Forms Chair to arrange a brief meeting to have forms reviewed and processed.