Troop 31 Uniform Guide


The field uniform is the official uniform of the Boy Scouts of America. It includes pants or shorts, shirt (with patches sewn as shown below), belt, and socks. Scouts wear this uniform to our regular meetings, at service projects, BSA camps, and when travelling to and from BSA camps. Additionally, the merit badge sash is worn for formal events such as a Court of Honor. Below are more details about our BSA Troop 31 uniform.

☐ Scout Shirt, long or short sleeves

☐ Patches (Click here for patch placement information):

            Pacific Skyline Council
            Troop 31 numerals (provided by the troop)
            American Flag
            Patrol (provided by the troop)
            Rank (earned, provided by the troop)
            Arrow of Light (graduated Webelos only)

☐ Olive Green Epaulettes (shoulder loops)
            Note: you may see some older scouts or adults ith red epaulettes because scouts previously wore that discontinued color.

☐ Scout Pants (The polyester microfiber switchback pants are popular. They can be worn as shorts or pants and the buckle is built-in. )

☐ Scout socks

☐ Scout Belt (part of some scout pants)

☐ Scout Bolo Tie  (provided by the Troop)
Bolo Tie is worn with top button fastened. If unable to fasten top button, bolo tie should not be worn.

☐ Scout Merit Badge Sash (only for full dress occasions)
Most boys grow quite a bit from Tenderfoot to Life or Eagle rank, so we suggest you buy the larger of the two sash size choices and hem the sash to fit your son. When he grows, you can let out more material and won’t need to re-apply the merit badge patches.


Sometimes erroneously or humorously referred to as the "class b uniform", our troop has a t-shirt that is worn by scouts during the summer meetings and on designated occasions when travelling or camping. This t-shirt is provided by the troop. The SPL will notify scouts when meeting attire changes from class A to the t-shirt and back. Outing leaders will notify campers which attire they need (uniform, t-shirt or both) for their trip.

Our troop t-shirt is also available in adult sizes which are freely available to all Troop 31 outing leaders.