BSA Annual Health Form Instructions

Boy Scouts must have current health forms on file, updated annually, to participate in BSA outings and camps. To get started, fill out Parts A & B for your scout and any parent or guardian that plans to participate in outings or activities with the troop. Please submit three (3) copies of health forms to the Med Forms Chair. You can find pdf versions of the forms here:

Health Forms A and B

A scout takes these forms with him to service events, camps, hikes, etc. – any outing besides our regular weekly meeting. We recommend that you save this filled-out pdf form in a folder on your computer, as it will save you time in the future. The form must be resubmitted annually and most information doesn’t change from year to year. Troop 31’s information is as follows:

Unit Leader: Lanny Forrest
Council Name: Pacific Skyline
Unit Number: Troop 31

Please scan or photocopy your health insurance card (both sides) and include with your health form (as noted on Form A).

We recommend NOT including your social security number on the form.

At the bottom of form A there is a place to list medications that your child may take, even if only on occasion (example Tylenol, Benedryl, vitamins). This section is mostly important for summer camp.  An example of how to fill it out is below. Remember to sign in the appropriate place for authorization.

Medication: Tylenol (Acetaminophen)
Strength: 500mg
Frequency: every 6 hours
Approximate date started: only if needed
Reason for medication: pain, headache, or fever

If you do not list medications you need not sign for A, but everyone must sign form B. The scout and the parent or guardian needs to sign the scout’s form B.
Form C is only needed for trips longer than 72 hours. For most scouts these forms will only be required for summer camp. The form is filled out by your physician and is valid until the end of the same month in the following year. For example, a physical performed on June 12, 2012 is valid through June 30, 2013.  Print out form C from the link before and bring to your annual physical and have it filled out by your doctor.  Form C can be found at the end of this document:

Health Forms A, B and C

Your Med/Health Forms Chairs,